martes, febrero 20, 2007

Email Adict?

An executive coach from Pennsylvania has created a 12-step program called Emailers Anonymous for clients who say an obsession with email is taking a toll on their productivity and all-around sanity.

Number one on the list, as Reuters reports, is to "admit that e-mail is managing you. Let go of your need to check e-mail every 10 minutes." Egan tells Reuters that one of her clients could not walk by her computer, or anyone else's for that matter, without checking her email.

Think you need to hear some more steps? Answer these questions:

• Do you check email on your BlackBerry (or other smart phone) or on your computer periodically every few minutes.

• Do you check email to avoid doing other work?

• Do you look up at the clock to discover you've been reading and writing emails for the past hour, and none of them have anything to do with the work you need to get done today?

If you come close to saying yes to any of these, and I suspect we all do some days, then Egan's steps, taken as guidance or advice, can help all of us, even if we don't think we're addicted just quite yet.

Step 2: Commit to keeping your inbox empty.

Uh oh. I'd be in trouble there. But some of her other recommendations are common sense pointers we have heard before:

• Establish regular times to review email.

• Deal immediately with any email that can be handled in two minutes or less but create a file for emails that will take longer.

• Do not check email more than three or four times a day.

Egan points out that if email overindulgence is cutting into individual productivity, it has a cumulative effect on overall workplace productivity. She figures that employees, on average, take four minutes to read and deal with one email before they resume working productively.

Time to take stock: Are you an email addict, or just plain unproductive some days more than others?

Uh,Oh... I'm an adict.......

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Anónimo dijo...

Do you check email to avoid doing other work?


Yo me he dado cuenta que entre el email y el chat pierdo cualquier cantidad de tiempo que debería dedicarle a la pega.

Paulina: ¿vas a ir a la junta del jueves?

Ojalá que si y por allá te veo.

Un abrazo.

june dijo...

Lo estoy pensando,mmmm y sí, creo que voy a ir... Si es así nos vemos por allá.
Un abrazo.

claudia dijo...

Creo que en cierta medida sí, pero desde hace algún tiempo ya me esta aburriendo, ha de ser porque en el trabajo todo se comunica por Email, cero relaciones interpersonales...que mal!

Un beso

june dijo...

Yo sinceramente creo que a través de Internet, se pueden construir cierto tipo de relaciones interpersonales.

Te dejo mi e-mail,para ver si podemos...comunicarnos:

claudia dijo...

Sí, yo también lo creo. Sin embargo también me parece cierto lo que afirma un articulo que leí hace algún tiempo que dice: "el problema surge cuando un simple juego de mensajes se torna en una hábito necesario", necesidad o hábito, que según mi forma de ver, se torna aún más compleja si es unidireccional.

Un beso

PD: Te agregue a mis contactos para ver si podemos...comunicarnos

june dijo...

Sí efectivamente es complicado....
Estoy en contra de cualquier clase de adicción,aunque no quiere decir que no me obsesione algunas veces.