domingo, septiembre 24, 2006

Música... y más música.

Más cosas que estoy escuchando, MUY MUY.... recomendables....

Natalie Merchant: My Skin, Effigy, The cover of Because the Night, Trouble me, Carnival.
I'm an effigy A parody of Who I appear to be Put your flaming torches under me Endless [ so far in myself, ] follow me

October Project: Take me as I am, Bury My lovely.

Take me as I am Someone you don't know Even in the dark You may not be sure

The Sundays: Wild Horses, Summertime, Here's Where the story ends...
Graceless lady, You know who I am, You know I cant let you, Slide through my hands Wild horses, Couldnt drag me away, Wild, wild horses, Couldnt drag me away...

Maggie Reilly: The Blacksmith( with Flairck), Gaia, Moonlight Shadow, To France, Family Man
(with Mike Oldfield)
Grey winter skies Cannot dim your light Autumn winds Cannot hold you now
I hear you whisper Through the frozen sea I hear you calling Gold desert sands

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